Dirty Weekend Signup

A fun and challenging weekend of cycling and adventure. Sign up by adding each item to your cart and checking out. Please try and share rooms with a friend or partner so we can maximize the amount of guests staying with us. For more information please go to www.wildhomestay.com/dirty.

1. Event Sign Up

Please select either the Dirty Ride (mixed surface) or Nearly Dirty Ride (road) events. Select number of people that will be joining.

Event sign up will be closed on the evening of the 28th.

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2. Select Rooms

Please select the type of room(s) you require and the dates – Check in Thursday 02nd May and checkout 04th May 2019 or longer if you prefer.

Twin Rooms

Queen Rooms

Family Rooms

All rooms are sold out. Email for alternative accommodation. info@wildhomestay.com

3. Select Food

Breakfast and dinner need to be prebooked. Please select Dirty Breakfast if riding or Long Breakfast if not riding. Remember to order one for Saturday and one for Sunday. Please select Saturday night BBQ if you want dinner with us Saturday. Lunches are on the road.

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4. Checkout

Please double check your chart. Then checkout – payment by wechat & alipay. If those payment methods dont work please contact us. We will be sending you emails, waivers for riders to sign and online home checkin details (for the police) later. Enjoy your stay and it should be a fabulous weekend.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors for the prizes.