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Cafe & Bike Sheds Open 野趣乡居餐厅&单车棚正式开放

We’ve gotten around to finally opening our new cafe. Breakfast, simple food during the day and BBQ, Hotpot, and local food in the evening. Draft beer, smoothies, recovery drinks.



Also, we’ve gotten in a bunch of rental bikes. Some Specialized Fat Boys to explore the area and some simple mountain bikes for cycling around some of the local paths and villages.


We’ve also updated our cycling webpage for easy download of all the local routes.


Some of the main route locations near us. 我们周边有一些主要路线地点

Also come and check out our post-ride and kids play area!  欢迎查看我们的骑行照片及新的小型儿童玩耍区。

Many thanks for all the help and support from the staff, construction people, guests, friends and everyone else in helping us getting back up and running! Xiexie.


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