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Happy New Ox Bull Year!!!!! 牛年大吉!

Please see the dates for the first DirtyClean Challenges of 2021! These dates are tentative based on the situation with COVID restrictions. We will open booking following the Chinese New Year brake. 请关注2021年的第一场野地/公里骑行日期。希望不再受疫情影响,期待我们春节后再次相见!

We are adding buildings and rooms for 2021 so there should be enough rooms to go around for the challenges. 野趣乡居全新扩容,新加入古朴民居即将改造一新,可以让更多的小伙伴团队一起来愉快的玩耍了。

Some fun things happening at wildhomestay! More info to be released soon. 新年新趣事!更多有趣的信息即将陆续发布。

All the best for the new year and ride safely!

Wildhomestay Team