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垃圾处理问题 Waste Issues

Many thanks to our guests, their proactive picking up of rubbish and the 25 RMB a day they have been giving during their stay for Environmental issues. Things are starting to move on this front. Village cleaning plans between the local government, villagers and ourselves have started to take shape. Pledges to become one of the cleanest mountain village towns have been made. From the support our guests have and will provided, bins are being purchased, simple compacting and recycling equipment put into place, signage and educational material erected, staff employed and generally a will from all sides to drive some change on this issue. This is not all one way. There are a lot of positive aspects we have taken from local customs such as the recycling of many items, materials and the resulting products they make. 20th May is set as the opening of our village sorting / compacting and recycling area. Keeping momentum moving throughout the years will be the challenge along with sorting out waste water issues. Anyway this is a positive start from all sides.

非常感谢我们的客人,他们积极帮助我们捡拾了垃圾,并且为他们入住的每一天支付25元费用,用于解决各类环境问题。事情已经开始在往前推进,当地政府,村民及我们之间的关于村庄垃圾处理计划已经形成,我们承诺要变成最干净的乡村之一。我们的客人支持并且赞助提供的:垃圾桶已经订购,简单的压缩处理工具将放置如场地内,建立标识标牌和教学材料,并聘请必要的工作人员。各方共同的意愿会推进这个问题的改善。这只是其中一部分,我们也会沿用当地习俗有许多积极的方式,例如许多物品,材料的回收利用。 五月二十日将定为我们的村庄垃圾集中分类处理区域的正式启动日。 持续的保持动力,同时还包括废水处理问题将是一个挑战。 无论如何,这是一个积极的开始