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Updates – Reopening to everyone

Beijing Guests – note we cannot accept guests who have come from or been to Beijing in the last 14 days. Please check your State Council QR code. It needs to be green and state you have not been in Beijing in the past 14 days. We hope the situation changes soon – Quick control and testing are important!!!!

Opening for business……..

So far we have been informated our area has had zero recorded cases of the virus, our staff have had the required medical tests, we are being very careful about how we operate the place. We do not want guest visits to add a unduly stress on the local health system or pose higher risks to other guests.

Going forward and through the C19 times our own requirements (still waiting for clear local government regulations) for all guests, foreign or domestic;

  • have to have stayed in China for the past 14 days or longer, outside of domestic hotspots.
  • have shown no signs of fever, high temperature, prolonged coughing over the past 14 days.
  • had no any close contact in the past 14 days with others who have had the C19.

These requirements might change as we understand more about the virus. For the homestay we are implementing group social distancing (GSD) and enhanced sterilization procedures (ESP) to minimize chances of spreading viruses.

What is GSD: stay in groups (2 people and up to 16) of people you know. Each group has their own external access to their home / room, meal space and does not need to come into physical contact or the same internal space as another group. Some guests will need to be somewhat flexible in peak season meal times so we can accommodate different groups at sitting times. Roofs and outside eating areas are being enhanced to help elevate this.

What is ESP: all internal spaces are sterilized 24h before a new group arrives in that space.  All bedding and towels are cleaned and sterilized 24h before another guest uses them. All eating utensils are sterilized after every meal. Hand wash is available on entry to all buildings. All staff wear masks and gloves to minimize cross spread and have their temperature checked daily.

When in public spaces we ask all guests to wear masks even if the locals are mask free. We are entering their closed community so please respect this.

Summer is here.  Evenings are cool and sun is strong at mid days. It should be a great escape and unwind from life under quarantine. On this note, we extend free week stay through whole summer, to people who have been working on the front line of this pandemic, no matter where you are from. If you, your friends or family have been helping out on the front lines please contact us and we will see what we can do to accommodate you and your immediate family for free.

Keep strong and well.

Wildhomestay Team

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