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DC Dirty 2021 #3: The Big Dirty Recap

A long day on a epic cycling challenge. The last dirty of the 2021 season had kind of everything. Think the photos do a better sum up than us writing it.

Well done to everyone who started and who enjoyed the day! Well done to those that nearly finished, just finished and easily (impossible) finished to get top points!

Many thanks to our partners for providing them great prizes Specialized | Chemical Guys | the clinic | Namedsport | Suunto | Therabody | Restrap | Castelli

A big gallery from participants, a local photographer and us. Many many thanks to everyone for all the photos. Download

Bit of a wet start
First big climb
People warmed up
People setting out from the first drink stand
A relaxed downhill followed by a river segment
The new segment 4 with the hill top pagoda finish.
A very smooth and groomed flagstone cobble section along the river.
A not so flat forbidden by the coach!
A visit to the pigs!
A relaxed last segment 8 for some!
& Awards – then bed!

Another gallery from YilanRyan 黄一澜. Many thanks for that. No so easy taking pictures while slipping down a hill!

And a few quotes from the day:

“Don’t stand up or the back wheel will spin”

“Sh@t that was steep”

“We love getting dirty”

‘Is this the end of the segment?!’

“So, that was the slippery road you were talking about…”

“do you have lights”

in my professional opinion its fu****

not another fu***** hill

not another fu***** cramp

this walk is wonderful

Doctor Justin!! /:,@P/:,@P

“is there another hill? Are you kidding me..?” hahahaa…how often have we heard this sentence [Facepalm]

the last part was worthy to call it real dirty gravel ride!