Road Cycling Routes

See our map and download the below routes. Please see the warnings!!!!

Some of the routes around the area are listed below. Click the ride links to the GPS download pages and galleries. Also, see local segments.

Warning: Road conditions are generally ok. All roads open. Might be some small landslides so careful on fast descents.

Warning: You ride at your own risk. We do not organize guided cycle tours. Please understand the associated risks of cycling in a somewhat remote area like this.

1h to 2h Rides around the village

Some shorter fun rides around the area. Still a lot of hills & an adventure! We suggest you cycle up to Santang, then down to Gaoshan and then head back through Sanyang stopping at the old street. Alternatively, head East at the main road and go to Xiaoxu and the villages off the main road.
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Daming Classic 大明山经典线

100km+, 1600m, Good Roads, Steady Hill. Classic out and back with a 1250m, 25km, 5% hill climb. Good roads. 从山脚到山顶共25KM,垂直爬升1250米,路况良好
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Daming Epic 大明山探险线

165km+, 1900m, Some Bad Road, Steady Hill. Rolling 80km and then 32km uphill. A really nice stretch of the legs. 80KM高低起伏山路,32KM爬升。这段骑行可以让你的双腿得到拉伸。
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Rubbish Ride 垃圾线

60km+, 800m+, Good Roads, Possible vSteep. Our relaxed Sunday ride. Various extensions. Many Options. Rolling with some short sharp hill if you want. Mostly following a river.
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Easy South

60km+, 800m+, Ok to good roads. Another relaxed recovery ride. Out and back. Some Options and more opening up. One bigger hill with some further back hills if you want.
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The Botanicals 植物园线

100km+, 1600m, Some bad road, Steady Hill. Out and back with a nice hill climb into the botanical garden. Suggest fatter tires / gravel type bike for half of hill section.如果想去植物园,可以选择这条路线。
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Slate 8 Area –  8线及终点

100km to 200km, Good roads, Steady Hill. Lots of options here and great riding. The 8 is the first little hill and the slate the second larger gnarly hill. There are a few other loops and hills in there. There are also nice routes south to Qiandao Lake including the Clean Race Route. 有很多的选择。8字形的山路,从这里可以骑到千岛湖。建议用大轮胎。
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Sunset Peaks & Big North 小山峰线西北面

180km+, 2000m, Good Road, Steady Hill. The big Northen loop. Various options from 160km to 250km. Great riding. 很美的爬行路线。
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Red Rock & The Lake 双山线北面

135km 2300m Good Road, Steady Hill. Drive to start (or cycle whole thing). 1 climb up x311, roads get a bit shaky on some of the decent. Climb to the lake. Back to car. 
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The Lake 湖景线

65km 900m, Fanastic Road, Steady Hill. A nice ride to add on way to / way back towards SH / HZ. Also a great extension for those that few extra KMs to the northern routes. Park car just off motorway and cycle from there.
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Hike With Bike 徒步及骑行

…an area worth exploring with a gravel bike. On road, trails, short hiking. Many options. Please see our links: 山地车+徒步体验.
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